​Liane speaks from the heart and from experience.  In this book, she provides information she acquired through the school of hard knocks. Her experiences were sometimes a great teacher of lessons she couldn’t learn anywhere else. Through the many difficult times she lived through, she found the courage to keep going. She realized that to become empowered, she had to take action.
In the 1980s, she studied Financial Management and accounting which was very useful to understand financial statements, and in preparing budgets for her own divorce later on. 

In 1988, she became a Life Skills Coach and ran support groups for divorced individuals. She graduated from Algonquin College with a Certificate in Management Skills in 1988, and a Certificate in Crisis Management in 1992. She then completed a Certificate of General Social Work in 1994 from Renison College. She continued to study psychology and social development at Waterloo University.
In 2007, she became a volunteer at a Resources Center, working with its Peer Support Program for abused women until 2009. She was part of the creation of a client handbook, and wrote articles regarding issues of interest to abused women. She was also part of the Peer Support Program newsletter committee. She was a strong advocate who was always seeking better ways to provide service.
In 2008 she became a Legal Advocate with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence and also trained in Conflict Resolution/De-escalation in 2009. 

She is also the author of JOYFULNESS AT LAST, which takes the reader through her life’s incredible journey.  This book is scheduled to be published in 2017.