DIVORCE PREP Self-Help Guide

The title of this book tells it all. It  explains the importance of being as physically, financially, and emotionally ready as you can.

When preparing to leave a non-cooperative, controlling and/or abusive spouse, it’s important to have a plan. Staying in a bad relationship, and hoping for things get better, is not a plan. The information, tips and resources in this book are also necessary, if you feel you will be left behind any time soon.

​Liane started to write about her experience shortly after she made the decision to get away from her marriage for a week-end. Her relationship was getting ugly, and she needed time alone to think about what to do next. When she returned home, she found her personal belongings packed up in a cardboard box, waiting for her at the back door.  

She never anticipated that anything like this could ever happen, she was totally unprepared. Two weeks later, she returned to the house, but this time, all the locks had been changed.  She called the police for protection.​ She never lived there again! 

Liane shares all the resources she accumulated while going through her legal battle with lawyers,  running out of money, and her final success at representing herself in court at 62 years old,.  She was alone and scared, and this was the greatest battle of her life! 

This book was written with the hope that you may be spared the hardships of not knowing what to do, or where to go for help. With knowledge, a few tools, and some support, you too can be successful in starting a new life.

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DIVORCE PREP   Self-Help Guide
by Liane Geoffrion

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JOYFULNESS AT LAST!    is not a light read and at times, it is downright painful.

The author shares with you her incredible journey, its ups and downs, and the overcoming of some seemingly impossible obstacles that life sometimes brought her way.  It takes you into a convent where she lived as a child of seven years old, how she dealt with a parent's alcoholism, her confusing teens, and her endless quest to create a family of her own. 

Liane also speaks frankly about her multiple marriages, divorces and her difficult life as a single mother. 

When she turned 60, her comfortable lifestyle and retirement dreams were destroyed very quickly. She went from living in a beautiful waterfront house to filling out an application form at a women’s shelter. Nothing had prepared her for the hell that was awaiting her.

She ran out of money to pay lawyers, was without legal representation, and totally alone to defend herself in a court of law,  She was truly overwhelmed, scared to death, but she had no choice.   If she didn’t win her divorce case, she’d be doomed to live below the poverty line for the rest of her life. 

Throughout her terrible experiences, she kept  reinventing herself and getting an education.  She became her own advocate and an advocate for others.  She became a volunteer helping abused women, and now has published her book DIVORCE PREP.

In her Memoir JOYFULNESS AT LAST! she also shares the many insights inspired by the actual process of writing her books.  Her message of survival is a positive one.  It is about determination, courage and forgiveness which she hopes will help others on similar journeys.

Liane is an artist, a musician and an author.  She lives in Joyfulness At Last!