​​Divorce Prep Self-Help Guide​​

Joyfulness At Last! A Memoir

Amazon Reviews
Amazon Reviews
December 15, 2016

J’ai bien aimé ton livre et je le recommanderai pour sûr!  Il est clair et direct, et on sent que tu as du te débrouiller pour trouver tes réponses. 
Les étapes franchies et les suggestions pour s’en sortir (recherche de logement, cours, activités, etc.) y sont bien recommandées et c’est qqchose qui est parfois (trop souvent) négliger dans la littérature cible pour les personnes devant passer au travers de cette épreuve.
Un gros bravo !

Natalie Basilières

Agente de soutien à la Cour de la famille de Cornwall et de L’Orignal/
Family Court Support Worker for Cornwall and L’Orignal Family Courts
Services aux victimes de S. D. G. et A. / Victim Services of S. D. G. & A.                    

November 23, 2016
This book empowers the person who is considering leaving a difficult relationship with concrete tools to help them feel more confident in themselves and their ability to make it on their own. The practical advice that is provided is presented in a concise and easy to read manner and the inclusion of the author’s personal story makes the subject matter even more relatable.  “Divorce Prep” gives the reader the hope that with adequate knowledge and preparation, it is possible to survive a painful separation while maintaining independence, dignity, and control. As a social worker I would recommend this book to any of my clients undergoing a similar life experience.

Marie-Eve Pinard MSW RSW

​August 10, 2016
​This book is clear, direct, affirmative, not moralizing and to the
 point.  It has enough
​personal experiences related to make it "real" for the reader!  We sure can relate to
your descriptions just like we are there with you.

Upon reading the notes regarding the author, I was impressed that throughout her
​various ordeals and challenges, she had the courage, commitment and strength to take
courses in Management skills, General Social Work, training in conflict resolution
​and even worked as a Peer Support Worker.  This lady shows us through her choices
​of self education and social involvement that she is no victim; through sheer
​determination she gave herself the tools to help herself, and today, through her
​book, she helps other!!!


August 9, 2016

​First impression is that it's well written, clear and to the point.  I liked it and would
highly recommend it to anyone looking for this type of advice.  I can humbly predict
​that your book will be successful because it is a common sense book based on real
​life experiences and that it is especially relevant in this day and age.  I truly believe
that this will sell  surprisingly well because there are thousands out there like you
​were so to speak "in the weeds" on this topic and looking for discrete and common
sense help.


August 8, 2016

I just finished reading your book.  Amazing!!!  The information, the experience,
the knowledge you have gathered through those years of plain AGONY.
​As I can deduce, you have already helped many along their individual paths
and through the publishing of this book you will certainly become the help that
​many others need to get started towards FREEDOM, happiness and self-worth at last.

I congratulate you again and encourage you to keep on writing.  The world needs
more individuals like you.


21 April 2017                                                                                                                                                        
"Divorce Prep Self-Help Guide - is an account of the personal journey of divorce for the author, Liane Geoffrion, who, like so many, had to make her way through the family justice system alone. We recommend Liane's book as a poignant and compelling account of that journey that will resonate for many of you."
Dr. Julie Macfarlane, National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP).